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People looking to get more involved in their community and 

organizations looking to meet their needs through community engagement.

Would you like to be more involved in your community?

Are you looking to make a positive difference? 

Our Center has put together a list of great things to be involved in!




If you have any good suggestions, please feel free to email us. 


Community & County Resources, Actions, Events, and Stipend Opportunities:


Potential Employment and Funding Opportunities for Organizations and Individuals: If you are interested in one of the positions below please let me know. Thanks!


LA and CA Department Websites and Guidance (Consistently Updated):


Wellness Tip:  Thinking about the elements always so going to share some beautiful wisdom about water. Here are some resources and hope you can connect to water today: Guardians of the Waters – Native Youth Explore Cultural and Ecological HealthUsing Water, Dance and Movement for Trauma Healing; and Elemental Guided Meditation – Water.


Please review the updates and resources below. Also, check out the criminal justice in context site that Joe Maizlish pulls together to track important Board actions. And, here is an online COVID-19 Toolkit that can be helpful to your work.


Community & County Resources, Events, and Stipend Opportunities:


LA and CA Department Websites and Guidance (Consistently Updated):

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