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Service through the Arts

Mentoring Arts & Culture

The Mentoring Arts & Culture(MA&C) program helps youth and young adults re-connect to their natural environment and natural talents. Utilizing a holistic and humanistic approach, the MA&C program addresses social and cultural issues affecting the individual, the family, and the community.


The MA&C program taps into the established human resources in our community, such as wise elders, innovative educators & altruistic artists, and provides a dynamic environment for mentoring to commence and a safe place for learning to begin.


Our mission is to stimulate the natural curiosities of youth and young adults so they are inspired to expand their personal knowledge of the arts, culture(s) and self-empowerment.


Through a series of educational workshops, community outings, and service learning activities, the MA&C program engages youth and young adults in dynamic and creative ways. The following are some examples of the activities offered to our participants:

  • Educational Workshops: Health & Nutrition For A Happy Life, Ancient-Contemporary Cultures And Their Contributions To Society, Social Justice 4 Community Wellness, Physical-Mental-Spiritual Fitness For Personal Freedom, And A Variety Of Art Related Workshops Helping Participants Sharpen Their Artist Skills

  • Community Outings: Museums, Religious/Spiritual/Cultural Centers, Botanicals Gardens, Organic Farms, Libraries, Historical Landmarks, Universities, Beaches, Mountains And Other Natural Habitats

Service Learning Activities:

  • Community Mural Projects, Community Gardens, And Beautification Projects


MA&C was created & developed by Andrew Quiñones in 2000

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