"We connect people to volunteer opportunities with our partner organizations and the good causes they lead."


We offer a variety of placement choices according to the interests of its participants.


Flexible time commitments make volunteering easy to fit into an already busy schedule.


We Believe 


  • in action and inspiring people to get involved

  • engaging people to serve in their community is at our core

  • everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect

  • every accomplishment begins by reaching beyond oneself

  • in the interdependence of individuals, groups & communities

Civic engagement—that is, community service, political activism, environmentalism, and other volunteer activities—provides needed services to community residents and psychological, social, and intellectual benefits to participants. A small but growing body of research suggests that giving young people opportunities to become engaged in civic activities increases the likelihood that they will become healthy, active citizens.  -Erik Michelsen, Jonathan F. Zaff, Ph.D., and Elizabeth C. Hair, Ph.D


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Volunteer Center of the Greater Pomona Valley, Inc