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There are dozens of ways for people to get involved in there community. We have put together a list of oppetunities that link to various community groups making a difference. 

Civic engagement—that is, community service, political activism, environmentalism, and other volunteer activities—provides needed services to community residents and psychological, social, and intellectual benefits to participants. A small but growing body of research suggests that giving young people opportunities to become engaged in civic activities increases the likelihood that they will become healthy, active citizens. This synthesis of civic programs for youths provides specific information on the role that civic engagement plays in helping young people develop a broad array of strengths and capacities. It focuses on youth outcomes in four domains: educational achievement and cognitive attainment, health and safety, social and emotional well-being, and selfsufficiency.   -Erik Michelsen, Jonathan F. Zaff, Ph.D., and Elizabeth C. Hair, Ph.D.

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