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The HAM Program is an alternative sentence or condition of probation for use in the sentencing of DUI, reckless driving and related offenses. The HAM Program was created through the collaboration of participating Hospitals, the Department of Coroners, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Los Angeles Superior Courts.


How Does the HAM Program Work?

The HAM Program consists of four components:

  • Alcohol Awareness Class – Addresses alcohol use. Participants are guided through an examination of drinking behavior, with a focus on traffic safety.
  • Hospital Visit – Addresses risky and healthy choices. Participants are guided through a realistic examination of traffic-related trauma and life-saving interventions.
  • The Morgue/Coroners Visit – Participants are presented cases of risky behavior that resulted in deaths; take a tour of the area where bodies are stored, examined and processed. The result is that participants are confronted with the fatal consequences of risky choices and a visceral encounter that serves as a reality check.
  • Reflective Component – Allows the participants to evaluate their program experience, clarify lessons learned, and identify the healthier behaviors. This is accomplished by a written essay done individually.

Hospital & Morgue Program

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